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Jasper has been cast!!
Picture under cut....Collapse )

Kellan Lutz... Who's he gonna play???

He looks like an Emmett to me...

Casting released.....
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Breaking Dawn's release date!!
Taken from Edward_Dazzles community. Posted by toxic_glory.
So now that we know Breaking Dawn's release date, I was wondering--how would one force the local bookstores into throwing a midnight release party?

I mean, I was considering asking the Cullens the hit the place up and force the manager into throwing the party, but Carlisle convinced me that it wasn't a good idea. And Sam refuses to get the pack to do it either. *sigh* So I'll be needing some advice from all of you lovely people. What should my friends and I do?

Twilight Louisiana
Hello all

I started this community because like hp_la, which I love dearly, I wanted to have a place to discuss and plan meetups with my Louisiana based Twilight friends.

I hope many of you join and can come up with some interesting things that we can do with Breaking Dawn and the Twilight movie approaching.

Hope to hear from you all.

If you join you should make an introductory post letting me know who you all are :)




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