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sheerethia wrote in twilight_la
im from the shreveport/bossier area and was wondering are there any fans out there

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Welcome to Twilightla sheerethia. I am gryffwitch37 aka Michelle. I am co maintainer to this site, I just got back online. I am sure that Courtney has made you feel welcome, or at least if she had time, I know that the last time I chatted with her she was getting a new job. So, please feel free to speak up, start a new topic and start this site going again, we needed some new blood...hehe so to speak....again welcome!!

been looking for some twilight fans that were local to me, i feel a lil alone here in the great state of louisiana

There are a few of us out there, just not alot that know about lj....on here we have few a far between, so if you need just ask....ttyl....getting ready for work.

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