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freakyartychick wrote in twilight_la
Alright, ladies.

What time do we want our meetup to be for this Sunday? Noon? Earlier?

It can last all day as far as I'm concerned :)

I hope lots of you will be there!!!

I'm going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to get a few more supplies for things. So I would REALLY appreciate if you have any ideas for crafts to let me know. Of course I'm not totally made of money. So if you think of some things that you'd like to do BRING MATERIALS! hehe

So far we'll be:

making Bella's bracelet
learning how to knit
mokeskin pouches

and any other things that we can think of. I'll be making both meatless and meat dishes of some sort. But you're more than welcome to bring more if you want. I think Jeny mentioned wine last time.. hehe

Anywho... that's the deal. E-mail me if you need my address.

Oh, and I'm TRYING to get the Purebloods to come and play for us. I still need to hear back from Laurie *fingers crossed*


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