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multi-fandom crafting meetup
freakyartychick wrote in twilight_la
originally posted at hp_la... but most of you are here from there anyhow, right?


Pattie and I have been tossing this idea around lots lately... I'm sure you all have as well.

Isn't it time for another meet up?

And not just any old meet up... a CRAFTING meet up!!!

I still want to teach you all how to knit. That was on the agenda last time.. we just never got around to it.

Also, since most of us here have also ventured into Twilight we might as well make it a hp/twilight crafting meet up/squee session.

Who's game?

Of course I'd want to host the meet up at my place again. This time I have EVEN MORE SPACE!

I just expanded my backyard and now have this lovely little BBQ house in the backyard.. think small apartment... it'd be perfect for crafting!

I'm shooting for a Sunday. Cause my other day off is Wednesday... and I know that's no good for you ladies...

Any Sunday is good for me.. except May 18th... I'll most likely be in Forks/La Push/etc. by then.

So... let me know?


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