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freakyartychick wrote in twilight_la
Hello all :)

I just wanted to update on the Breaking Dawn Midnight Release Party that I'll be hosting August 1st :)

We need 10 pre-orders to have the midnight release.. we're currently at 5. I know there are five more of you that are into Twilight like I am.. heh

The phone number for Cover to Cover again is 985-384-7159

The manager there takes orders over the phone and will add your name to the list of people picking up there order at midnight. They're pretty good and organized there. So don't worry about a thing. You won't need a receipt as long as your name is on that list!

You're total for one book pre-order is $24.83. That's with tax and everything. I'm soooo psyched about this. I want as many people to come as possible. I'm about to start advertising the midnight release in my town. I just wanted to let you all know first, seeing as you all will be the ones invited to my party and sleepover :D

I know it's kind far away to even start bringing this up but I want you all there!!!


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