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Breaking Dawn midnight release and party!!!
freakyartychick wrote in twilight_la
For those of you who want to attend the midnight release for Breaking Dawn and come to the party that I'll be hosting that night pllllllleaaassee go ahead and pre-order Breaking Dawn from Cover to Cover in Morgan City, it's the local book store around here.. We need atleast 10 people to pre-order so we can have a midnight release

People that have ordered so far, or will order soon:

1. Me (Jenn)
2. Michelle
3. Jeny (I gave her the number, it's just up to her now)

come on people... I know we all want to have a dang good time with this!!! This has such potential to be the MOST FUN NIGHT EVER!!!

So.. yeah.. call Cover to Cover and pre-order Breaking Dawn :D 985-384-7159 and please let me know when you do!!! and if you will be coming to my party for it!!! It'll be fun... swimming, food, friends, drinks, lots of squee, possibly some crafts and then breaking dawn at midnight and we can stay up to read and all that jazz!!!

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i ordered it like NOW ......

10:37 in the am :D

i have already told the husband to GIVE ME NO SHIT !!! and that I WAS going this time ... the last TWO things i have wanted to do .. he was all sulky and stuff, which is really unlike him ? maybe he is going through a mid-life crisis or something :|

*jumps up and down*

*is REALLY excited*

yay!!! Glad you'll be coming down for this :D

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