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im from the shreveport/bossier area and was wondering are there any fans out there

I was pondering this and it was mentioned in one of my yahoo groups.
Tanya shows up at the wedding of Edward and Bella, Jake shows up at the wedding too, could Jake imprint on Tanya....hmmmmm......something to ponder there.....since Tanya is a different kind of vampire......maybe werewolves can imprint on them......and they don't smell sickly sweet as Jake put them either........{I wouldn't mind smelling a sweet vamp......}{SIGH}

no longer having a midnight release at store.
Posting this here because there's quite a few of you who have pre-ordered Breaking Dawn from my area's local book store, Cover to Cover.

There will NOT be a midnight release at the store. I'm sorry. Not enough orders and the man that owns the place would really rather not be there at midnight.

You can pick your book up at the store on August 2nd. He opens at noon on that day, I think.

Just thought that it would be better to let you all know now.

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Alright, ladies.

What time do we want our meetup to be for this Sunday? Noon? Earlier?

It can last all day as far as I'm concerned :)

I hope lots of you will be there!!!

I'm going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to get a few more supplies for things. So I would REALLY appreciate if you have any ideas for crafts to let me know. Of course I'm not totally made of money. So if you think of some things that you'd like to do BRING MATERIALS! hehe

So far we'll be:

making Bella's bracelet
learning how to knit
mokeskin pouches

and any other things that we can think of. I'll be making both meatless and meat dishes of some sort. But you're more than welcome to bring more if you want. I think Jeny mentioned wine last time.. hehe

Anywho... that's the deal. E-mail me if you need my address.

Oh, and I'm TRYING to get the Purebloods to come and play for us. I still need to hear back from Laurie *fingers crossed*

Found this at twilightmoms
A cute idea for a t-shirt project.....I love the back corset type...

I am going to try and go to the meetup, hopefully I can make it...since it is Mother's Day and I am a mom......I find it funny that alot of you guys are not spending it with your mom's....

multi-fandom crafting meetup
originally posted at hp_la... but most of you are here from there anyhow, right?


Pattie and I have been tossing this idea around lots lately... I'm sure you all have as well.

Isn't it time for another meet up?

And not just any old meet up... a CRAFTING meet up!!!

I still want to teach you all how to knit. That was on the agenda last time.. we just never got around to it.

Also, since most of us here have also ventured into Twilight we might as well make it a hp/twilight crafting meet up/squee session.

Who's game?

Of course I'd want to host the meet up at my place again. This time I have EVEN MORE SPACE!

I just expanded my backyard and now have this lovely little BBQ house in the backyard.. think small apartment... it'd be perfect for crafting!

I'm shooting for a Sunday. Cause my other day off is Wednesday... and I know that's no good for you ladies...

Any Sunday is good for me.. except May 18th... I'll most likely be in Forks/La Push/etc. by then.

So... let me know?

Someone just emailed me this today from one of my yahoogroups.
Youtube wher she said there will be book 5 first (not
from bella's pov) and then midnight sun will be book 6 in the twilight
series of books.

i THINK its part 3 towards the end

Part 1 com/watch? v=defzNM0vSDg& feature=related

Part 2 com/watch? v=6NveVeGK9vw& feature=related

Part 3 com/watch? v=Lk2zSEwn_ Ag&feature= related

Hello all :)

I just wanted to update on the Breaking Dawn Midnight Release Party that I'll be hosting August 1st :)

We need 10 pre-orders to have the midnight release.. we're currently at 5. I know there are five more of you that are into Twilight like I am.. heh

The phone number for Cover to Cover again is 985-384-7159

The manager there takes orders over the phone and will add your name to the list of people picking up there order at midnight. They're pretty good and organized there. So don't worry about a thing. You won't need a receipt as long as your name is on that list!

You're total for one book pre-order is $24.83. That's with tax and everything. I'm soooo psyched about this. I want as many people to come as possible. I'm about to start advertising the midnight release in my town. I just wanted to let you all know first, seeing as you all will be the ones invited to my party and sleepover :D

I know it's kind far away to even start bringing this up but I want you all there!!!

We also have a myspace page
We also have a myspace page that needs pimping!!!

Michelle and I moderate it. Anyone can join. I hope more people join. Cause man oh man... I've got some stuff up my sleeves for the Breaking Dawn release and it will be FUN!!!

In about May or so I'll start sending out the invitations by mail... but until then I'll keep it under wraps :)

so... go join the myspace twilight_louisiana group if you're into myspace!!!

Breaking Dawn midnight release and party!!!
For those of you who want to attend the midnight release for Breaking Dawn and come to the party that I'll be hosting that night pllllllleaaassee go ahead and pre-order Breaking Dawn from Cover to Cover in Morgan City, it's the local book store around here.. We need atleast 10 people to pre-order so we can have a midnight release

People that have ordered so far, or will order soon:

1. Me (Jenn)
2. Michelle
3. Jeny (I gave her the number, it's just up to her now)

come on people... I know we all want to have a dang good time with this!!! This has such potential to be the MOST FUN NIGHT EVER!!!

So.. yeah.. call Cover to Cover and pre-order Breaking Dawn :D 985-384-7159 and please let me know when you do!!! and if you will be coming to my party for it!!! It'll be fun... swimming, food, friends, drinks, lots of squee, possibly some crafts and then breaking dawn at midnight and we can stay up to read and all that jazz!!!


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